Donations have reduced hugely over the last week or so.

Now we are providing “grab bag” type meals therefore we are requiring biodegradable oyster bags and soup cups with lids. Our Amazon Wish list is updated often so everything on it is up to date.

Soft drinks, crisps and snacks to compliment our cooked meals and sandwiches are also required. Co-Op at Wash Common and Brummell Road have donation bins which is amazing. Please donate if you can, it is a huge help we will be providing over 250 meals a week so we will require lots of biodegradable take away boxes and Soup cups with lids. 

We have a new project on The Good Exchange which reflects the Soup Kitchen and our hoped expansion for the future of finding a building and of course COVID 19 funding.

Financial support can be paid through The Good Exchange and Just Giving or on our Facebook blogs if that is easier. 

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for all your support and ask you to bear with us and help us as much as you are able during this difficult time. 

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COVID Specials:

Supporting Those In Need Through COVID-19. We have made the a difficult decision to change our sessions to “take away food” in order to help with social distancing. We now open every day from the back of our van that has been donated by Swift Couriers.

If we have missed something, or you would like this information updated or removed please get in touch

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