Mrs B’s Kitchen

Top-end corporate, party and wedding caterers, established in 2003, with a cafe on site.


Great, freshly prepared food, pastries and excellent coffee to take away or eat in! Corporate, party and wedding caterers.

​Mrs B's initially made a name for themselves as top-end party and wedding caterers, but have become a welcome change in the business community too. Their beautifully presented buffets, colourful salads and generously filled sandwiches are making business lunches all over the region more exciting! Their style is good simple food and excellent service for every job.

​Their food is bursting with natural flavours from such things as fresh herbs, good oils and lemon zest. The resulting light, elegant and relaxed dishes delight the palate without leaving you feeling heavy.  Food is their passion and they put their hearts into everything they do and it really makes a difference!

​In February 2019, they moved the business into a warehouse and decided to open part of it up as a cafe so now you can try the food out for yourselves! 

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