State-of-the-art artisan bakery in Berkshire baking extraordinary futures for young people with severe autism.

We called our bakery Bread & Beyond because it's about going beyond the expected or what's possible with bread and with our bakers' futures.

  • 0% of young people with severe autism in the UK are expected to enter the world of work.
  • 83% of 19-25 year olds at Prior's Court are successfully engaged in a workplacement.
  • 10 number of young people with autism who took part in work experience at Bread & Beyond in the first year after opening.

The aim is that eventually Bread & Beyond will benefit many young people with autism outside of Prior’s Court as explained by Mike Robinson, CEO:

"Prior’s Court is one of a small number of organisations in the UK with the skills and experience to successfully support people with severe autism into the world of work.

Our ambition is that our bakery makes the single largest contribution in the UK to reducing the disability employment gap for people with severe autism by providing a ‘template’ for others to copy."

Autism and the Workplace

Only 32% of autistic adults in the UK are in paid employment, despite over 80% stating a clear wish to work. This figure falls to a shocking 16% in full-time employment. This hasn’t changed in over a decade and for people with severe autism, the picture is even bleaker with the current expectation being that they will never enter the world of work.

Prior’s Court, a residential school and young adult provision for young people with severe autism, believe in extraordinary futures for young people with autism, and already 83% of 19-25 year olds enrolled at Prior's Court are successfully engaged in a work placement. The transformations seen through existing workplace programmes sparked the ambition to do a whole lot more...and Bread & Beyond was born.

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COVID Specials:

Here at Bread & Beyond we are pleased to still be open for business and continuing to serve the local community with our freshly baked goods.

If you are interested in ordering delicious baked bread or other sweet treats for your local business, whether on a long or short term basis, we’d love to hear from you. Please email Bread & Beyond: [email protected]

All profits from Bread & Beyond products go back into Prior’s Court Foundation, enabling their work with young people with severe autism to continue.

While the bakery shop is not open to the general public, Bread & Beyond products are available to purchase at Casey Fields Farm Shop at Vicars Game in #Ashampstead.

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